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About KekopeanStitches

History of KekopeanStitches

KekopeanStitches has humble beginnings as an offline made-to-order, word-of-mouth and one-of-a-kind baby christening gown crochet designer. As the Internet came of age, it made its debut online in 1999. Today, our offline business continues to thrive and our designer still makes one-of-a-kind crochet christening dresses, baby blankets and very pricey hand-crochet graduation gowns.

Wedding Dress Store Online

KekopeanStitches has been approached about cheap wedding dresses since 1999 so we decided to offer brides-to-be the option to get a dress that can be made by a seamstress to exact measurements, if needed from the comfort of their home.

There is a niche of brides-to-be that have serious money constraints but want to be able to wear a brand new dress that has designer appeal, is modern looking, well-fitted and stylish.  These brides don’t want to resort to buying one of the most important garments that they will ever wear in a second-hand or thrift store.

The Internet allows us to showcase various designs to customers in remote areas as well as cities across the country. This method of shopping is convenient, allows the wedding planner to pass around the dress easily for approval and the bride can bookmark several styles right from a computer desktop.

Shopping at our wedding dress store is not only environmentally-friendly because there’s no gasoline to buy but also hassel-free. There’s no parking space to find, no crowded malls to navigate and absolute no pressure from sales people trying to sell you the highest-priced dress in the store for a larger commission on the sale.

Join the thousands of brides-to-be that have now bought our custom-made wedding dresses online at these remarkable prices.

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