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The world is in a recession and many thousands are suffering through job loss or are in an industry that has made the decision to down-size. Life goes on in difficult times and good times but how can you get a cheap wedding dress?  At first glance, this may seem like an odd question or even an impossible one to answer.  Indeed it is until you ponder the many ways you could get a cheap wedding dress:

1. Have you asked friends and family to recommend dressmakers or seamstresses, if you plan on getting a custom-made wedding dress?

2. Have you visited bridal stores in your local malls with a friend whose opinion you can trust or with your mother or godmother?

3.  Have you tried on several wedding dresses always wearing your bra and a pair of shoes with the same size heel that you will wear on your wedding day?

4.  Have you looked through the discount rack at the bridal shops for discontinued styles as this could say a lot of money and give you ideas for the style dress you want to be an exceptional bride?

5.  Do you know that a good seamstress can make your wedding dress to your exact measurements for a perfect fit?

6.  Have you searched online for dress shops that cater to brides wanting to find cheap wedding dresses?

7.  Do you know that it is far easier to browse through wedding dresses online than running around bridal shops at local malls?

8.  Have you bookmarked the links to wedding dresses that you are considering and for reference at a later date?

9.  Have you sent the top styles to a trusted friend for an honest opinion?

10.  Do you know that nowadays you can get a custom-made wedding dress in as little as 20-working days at a cheap wedding dress store online as opposed to six months lead time for local dressmaking?

11.  Have you considered how much time you can save by shopping at a wedding dress store online plus you avoid paying $1,500 to $5,000-plus for a wedding dress from a designer and get the dress for less than the 50% deposit offline?

Did you find these tips useful? Learn how to take exact measurements for your perfect custom-fitted wedding dress.

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