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Short Sexy Lacey Organza Evening Gown

Short Sexy Lacey Organza Evening

Short Sexy Lacey Organza Evening

Short Sexy Lacey Organza Evening Gown with prom dress large gold bow around the hips, available in petite size-8 and plus-size-24 that’s also suitable for prom dress or graduation ceremony.

If you are planning a destination wedding on a beach, this dress would be perfect as a beach wedding dress.

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Their Price: $899.00

Our Price: $199.00

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For instructions on how to measure yourself for your custom-made wedding dress please, see our measurement instructions page. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your orders. Please try to ask as many questions as possible before you place your orders as we process all orders received immediately. To contact us visit our Customer Service page.

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This measurement chart is for reference only. All Wedding Gowns are Custom-made!! When you buy your wedding dress from KekopeanStitches, we will send you an email confirmation with a request for your exact measurements. IF YOU ARE LOST WITH A TAPE MEASURE - Dry Cleaners in major cities have a tailor on hand that can take your measurements accurately. You can review the instructions/guidelines to take your measurement here. Please allow 15-20 working days for the dressmaker to complete the sewing of your dress.

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  1. destination wedding

    I am amazed with this short sexy organza wedding gown that is ideal for a destination wedding. As a wedding planner of mostly destination weddings, it is a good item for my research. Thanks

  2. Wendy I. Dress

    My boyfriend asked me to marry him and we’re hoping to get married. I am hoping for a later fall wedding but we haven’t complete much planning. questioning if anyone any suggestions about when is the time to buy the wedding dress?

  3. sunny

    Oh I agree with this post. Although I am not an informal wedding dress kind of girl, I do think that if that is your style you WILL be gorgeous on your wedding day. Also, you can have more in your budget to go for a live band instead of a DJ at the reception. One of my friend’s had gotten married and she had a smaller wedding and the informal dress just like a vintage cocktail dress,

  4. Wedding Dresses

    I just found out yesterday that my girlfriend is getting married in Spring 2010 so I have to help her find possible dresses that look wonderful.

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