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#tweetsays: Choosing a Bride for your Wedding – Would you marry someone if you knew they couldn’t have kids?

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This is a loaded question. If you want to have your own brood, then you would need to marry someone who can have kids.  However, if you just want kids like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, then after your wedding, you could adopt kids who need love and attention and raise them as your own.  This would make it irrelevant if your partner can have your biological kids.  If you don’t care to have kids at all, then it wouldn’t matter because the marriage would be held together with mutual respect, friendship, love and commitment to each other until death makes the separation.

Having kids adds it own challenges to a marriage and it is a decision that should be mutually agreed upon, prior to the wedding, whether or not you can have biological or adopted kids together.  The perspective that I am bringing to bear on this question is that it is not a unilateral decision that one person makes in a marriage.  Therefore, a serious discussion should ensue, prior to setting a wedding date with someone, if you want to have your own biological kids so that the true picture can unravel.

I have witnessed childless couples live happy, meaningful and fulfilled lives so it is not always a necessary component of a good marriage.  There is a different perspective to this question and demonstrate that a marriage can be just as fulfilling and committed without kids.

Some sources claim the cost of raising a child from birth to seventeen is over $200,000 – this may be enough to make a husband and wife rethink the importance of having children.

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