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Tier Skirt Wedding Dress with strapless fitted lace bodice for petite and plus sized brides custom-made for a perfect fit.

Tier Skirt Wedding Dress

Strapless Tier Skirt Wedding Dress

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Tier Skirt Wedding Dress – this gives a feel of Shakespeare era when full, long skirts for a woman’s wedding dress was all the rage.  Nowadays, it is more appropriate to bear a lot more skin.

Some may even dare to say that some wedding dresses are outright “scandalous” but it’s each to his own.  This is the bride’s day so she’s free to do whatever makes her happy.

Order Tier Skirt Wedding Dress All Sizes - Custom Made to your exact measurements @ $568.42

For instructions on how to measure yourself for your custom-made wedding dress please, see our measurement instructions page. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your orders. Please try to ask as many questions as possible before you place your orders as we process all orders received immediately. To contact us visit our Customer Service page.

size 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28


34 35 36 37 38.5 40 41.5 43 45 47 49 52 56


25 26 27 28 29.5 31 32.5 34 36 38 40 43 47


37 38 39 40 41.5 43 44.5 46 48 50 52 55 59
This measurement chart is for reference only. All Wedding Gowns are Custom-made!! When you buy your wedding dress from KekopeanStitches, we will send you an email confirmation with a request for your exact measurements. IF YOU ARE LOST WITH A TAPE MEASURE - Dry Cleaners in major cities have a tailor on hand that can take your measurements accurately. You can review the instructions/guidelines to take your measurement here. Please allow 15-20 working days for the dressmaker to complete the sewing of your dress.

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  1. Alexis Moorest

    I just added this site to my feed reader, excellent stuff. Perfect for my wedding planner!

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